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Test-1 Geography-1 Question : 100 Marks : 200
Test-2 Geography-2 Question : 100 Marks : 200
Test-3 Mapping-1 Question : 100 Marks : 200
Test-4 Mapping-2 Question : 100 Marks : 200
Test-5 Ancient History-1 Question : 100 Marks : 200
Test-6 Ancient History-2 Question : 100 Marks : 200
Test-7 Medieval History-1 Question : 100 Marks : 200
Test-8 Medieval History-2 Question : 100 Marks : 200
Test-9 Modern History-1 Question : 100 Marks : 200
Test-10 Modern History-2 Question : 100 Marks : 200

Frequently Asked Questions

ExamGuru's UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) Prelims Test series is designed and conducted the same way as the actual examination. It enables the improvement of candidates' learning outcomes and scores in Preliminary Examination through an escalated approach. The Test series is carefully designed to manage your preparation and keep you on the path towards covering the Prelims GS syllabus extensively from basic to advance level.
  • It will examine the aspirants' knowledge, prepare them to develop the right attitude, and analyze their strengths and weaknesses so that they can work on them before the examination.
  • It will help the aspirants reduce the rate of mistakes committed during the UPSC Prelims Examination through practice.
  • The test series will strategically provide its students with comprehensive syllabus coverage and scientifically designed revision plans covering the entire static and dynamic portions multiple times.
  • It aims to ensure that our students are ready with all the skills and tools needed to handle any surprise in the examination hall.
  • It aids in better time management.
  • It presents an opportunity to assess one's performance and improve the strategy continuously.
  • It systematically covers all standard sources of study using a study plan.
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  • Comprehensive coverage of the entire UPSC CSE preliminary exam syllabus through standard MCQs, the nature of questions ranging from factual to conceptual
  • Discussion for each test will be like a Mini Crash Course cum Revision cum Discussion lecture (100 questions, which are 100 different topics)
  • Proportionally focused on the static portion of the syllabus and current affairs.
  • Exhaustive and in-depth coverage of Current Affairs.
  • Designed to revise the syllabus multiple times.
  • Exclusive test on particular focus areas like India Yearbook, Economic Survey, Budget etc.
  • An informative and detailed explanation of the questions.
  • Designed per the latest exam trends, strictly adhering to the UPSC pattern.
  • Tests are designed to prepare students mentally and psychologically to handle exam pressure and help them efficiently manage their time.
  • The practice of application of different strategies for choosing the correct answer, viz. elimination tactics, avoiding the extremes, and so on.