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What is Roen olmi

Overview: Two researchers in Goa have said that they synthesised gold nanoparticles from a wild mushroom species that is widely eaten as a delicacy in the coastal state. About Roen olmi It is a mushroom of the Termitomyces species. It grows on termite hills and is locally known as ‘roen olmi’ in Goa. It is an edible wild mushroom popular among Goans and consumed during t

How India can balance its water demand and supply

Context: In 2020, while India’s domestic sector required 54,000 billion litres water, the agriculture sector needed 14 times more—776,000 billion litres. Water crisis in India: The long-standing Cauvery dispute and depleting water reservoir reports highlight the  importance of fair water allocation for water, food, and livelihood security in India. Water's significa

Efficacy of nano urea

Context: A two-year field study conducted by Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) scientists on the effectiveness of Liquid Nano Urea has revealed a significant reduction in rice and wheat yields compared to the application of conventional nitrogen (N) fertilizer. News: These results highlight the importance of conducting extended, long-term field assessments spanning 5-7 years to determine

Centre Plans Interest-free Loans for Andhra’s Cyclone-hit Tobacco Farmers

Context: The Central government is considering a proposal to provide interest-free loans to tobacco farmers of Andhra Pradesh impacted by Cyclone Michaung. News: Interest-Free Loans for Andhra Tobacco Farmers: Loan Details: Andhra Tobacco farmers are set to receive interest-free loans ranging from ₹10,000 to ₹20,000, with a repayment period of six months. These loans

Mayurbhanj’s Red Ant Chutney Receives GI Tag

Context:  Recently, the Similipal Kai Chutney made with kai pimpudi (red weaver ants) by the tribal people of Odisha’s Mayurbhanj district received the geographical identity tag. News: The application was made by The Mayurbhanj Kai Society Ltd in 2020 for registration in Class 30 under sub-section (1) of section 13 of Geographical Indications of Goods (Re


Context: On January 8, 2024, the ICAR-Central Tuber Crops Research Institute (CTCRI) issued a cautionary advisory regarding the feeding of animals with cassava, commonly known as tapioca. About Tapioca Plant: Tapioca is a significant horticulture crop extensively cultivated on nearly 3 lakh hectares in Tamil Nadu, yielding an annual production of 60 lakh tonnes. It holds global importa

India’s great grain mystery

Context: India's cereal production, mainly rice and wheat, crossed 300 million tonnes for the first time in 2022-23, reaching 304 million tones.There is a large and growing gap between cereal production and the known uses of it. Data gaps make an assessment more difficult. The gap: The latest estimates of per capita cereal consumption (PCCC) pertain to 2011-12, with figures ranging f

Floods and a ‘preventive measure’ that needs review

Context: The article underscores the enduring consequences of choices made post-Cyclone Michuang in Chennai, particularly concerning electricity disruptions. The core concept emphasizes the importance of accountability in decision-making during crises, underscoring the delicate equilibrium between safety precautions and potential risks for vulnerable groups, notably the elderly. Moving forward ent

Electronic soil

Context: Researchers have developed a new electronics soil that was found to increase the growth of barley seedlings by 50 per cent in a new study. News: A new eSoil, developed by the Electronic Plants group at Linköping University, enhances barley seedling growth by an average of 50% in hydroponic cultivation. The low-power bioelectronic scaffolding, called eSoil, is designed for

A strawberry success story from Odisha

CONTEXT: The idea to switch to strawberry farming was put forward by Chuktia Bhunjia Development Agency (CBDA), a body set up by the Odisha government in 1994-95 for the welfare of the Chuktia Bhunjia tribes. Chuktia Bhunjia farmers in Odisha's Nuapada district have successfully transitioned to strawberry farming, improving their income significantly. The switch to strawberry farming w