Conversion of Units from One System to another System

1 Inch

2.54 centimeter

1 grain

64.8 milligram

1 Feet

0.3 meter

1 dram

1.77 gm

1 Yard

0.91 meter

1 ounce

28.35 gm

1 Mile

1.60 kilometer

1 pound

0.4537 kilogram

1 Furlong

220 yards

1 dyne

10-5 Newton

1 Fathom

1.8 meter

1 poundal

0.1383 Newton

1 Chain

20.11 meter

1 erg

10-7 Joule

1 Nautical mile

1.85 kilometer

1 horse power

746 Watt

1 Angstrom

10-10 meter

1 fathom

6 feet

1 Square inch

6.45 sq. centimetei

1 mile

8 furlong

1 Square feet

0.09 square meter

1 mile

5280 feet

1 Square yard

0.83 square meter

1 nautical mile

6080 feet

1 Acre

104 sq. meter

1 feet

12 inch

1 Square mile

2.58 sq. kilometer

1 yard

3 feet

1 Cubic inch

16.38 cubic centimeter

37° centigrade

98.6° Fahrenheit

1 Cubic feet

0.028 cubic meter

50° centigrade

122° Fahrenheit

1 Cubic yard

0.7 cubic meter

-40° Fahrenheit

-40° Centigrade

1 Litre

1000 cubic centimeter

32° Fahrenheit

0° Centigrade

1 Pint

0.56 litre



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